Is your data working hard enough for you?

Are you maximising the potential of customer insights? Capturing the right data and ensuring you can use it going forward with the advent of GDPR?

With the right data, the right interpretation, and subsequent reporting of quality insights, you can quickly understand how to optimise your products and services to best meet your customers needs, making it far easier to make critical decisions that will help grow your business.

Perhaps you need improved reporting, or automated dash boards sent directly your inbox when you need them. Save vast amounts of time by automating the process of gathering business insights.

Also, with GDPR around the corner, do you have clear audit trail of your marketing data, and opt-in strategies for new and existing prospects? Have you considered behavioural insights to understand how your current and prospective customers engage with your brands?

With 20 years experience in the market, tamedMedia will ensure you get the most from customer data.

We can work with you to ensure you capture the correct data, have a clear opt-in policy and are able to gain explicit and behavioural data and insights about your customers to help you sell more product and secure repeat business. We’re hands-on too, so can work to implement analytics and data visualisation solutions to provide up to the minute visibility of how your customers interact with you.

Services include:

  • Analytics setup
  • Data capture strategies
  • Setting up goals, taxonomies, metrics and dimensions
  • Creating and measuring customer segments
  • Dash-boarding – creating easy to read business reporting
  • Data visualising, bring your data to life
  • Review ROI

Complementary services include: Conversion optimisation, Digital marketing, Digital transformation

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