Make your website work harder for your business.

Looking for more lead generation and higher e-commerce sales? Customer engagement is pivotal to high conversion.

With so many options available to your potential customers, it is essential you engage with them early to grab their attention, create interest in your products and services, and provide compelling reasons for them to call, email, enter a form, or buy a product. The end-to-end conversion process can be simplified and optimised to encourage faster conversion.

The techniques used will vary from brand to brand, market to market. Understanding your customers, how they behave and interact with you is key to optimising their experience. We take the time to measure this and then test changes to your web pages and site journey to optimise conversion rates in the areas that matter for your business.

We’ll look at the number of pages or clicks to reach a destination, length of forms, your calls to action, site speed, general experience, and a range of other factors that influence your customers’ decision making whilst on your website.

With 20 years experience in the market, tamedMedia will ensure you make the right choices.

By understand your objectives, we can work with you to review and understand your market to determine the sources and channels that provide the best quality traffic and sales conversion. We’re also hands-on too, so can work with you to implement a strategy that works for your business.

Services include:

  • Analytics setup
  • User experience audit (UX)
  • Audience analysis & propensity modelling
  • A/Bn testing
  • Multi-variate testing

Complementary services include: Data and customer insights, Digital marketing, Digital transformation

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